I've completed my Grey Knight Interceptor squad. I really enjoyed batch painting just 4 models, it feels like such a long time since I batch painted a squad. This year has just been huge centre piece models, or individual Dreadfleet ships. 

Click on the above photo to see a close up of their squad heraldry. 

With the completion of this squad and the recent addition of the Storm Raven, I now have a playable 1500pt army. Woohoo! Or I could look at it as I have a 1500pt contingent to add to my 13,175pts of Ultramarines for Apocalypse games... I'd like to see the Grey Knights try to mind wipe that many Ultramarines. Army shots to follow soon.

The big question is... do I continue with the Grey Knights? Or do I pick up another project, like the Necrons I started? I'm only 100pts off from hitting 1500pts with the Dark Eldar... decisions decisions.