I had this unit of 5 purifiers finished a while ago, but a bulb blew on my photography set up so had to wait for a replacement. I'm enjoying these - pushing a few new techniques as always, painting black, yellow hue gold, eye lens OSL and reflective force weapons are all things I'm not hugely comfortable with but they all look alright. Lightened up the purity seals from the initial test figure as they appeared a bit grubby in the pics. Some close up shots after the ju... *CLICK*

This is the Justicar. At least that's what they were in old money, it may have changed - I gave up trying to remember rules and things years ago. (If it aint got block dice, it aint worth playing!). Gave him a nice aggresive 'smash face' pose as the rest of the guys seem to have this wild swing attack thing going on. While GW makes leaps and bounds in plastic injection moulding and the poses are more fluid, some kits seem to lack a variety of poses so they all look dynamically identical.

This young man has an identical weapon. Perhaps he's a Justicar in waiting. See what I mean about wild swing posing? Hi YA - chop chop. Why would I use a storm bolter when I can SWING AND CHOP.

Two chaps with what I'm guessing are Psybolters or something (is my ignorance starting to show at all?!). Went with mithril silver bullets as opposed to classic brass so they can kill werewolves AND deamons. It never hurts to be prepared. 

Finally, in case you're thinking I'm a mentalist and that Grey Knights should be, well, you know - Grey. Oh wait SILVER... here is the source art:

Two Dreadnoughts are next up.

Do you like seeing unusual colour schemes on our blog? If you do then please comment and you never know, I might convince someone to pay me good money to paint it for them. If you don't, and prefer things the 'Eavy metal way feel free to comment anyway, I will not in any way think less of you.