It's that exciting time in the hobby when all the rules get shaken up and we all have to re-think are armies. If you're lucky like Myself you have huge collections and you can tinker with your lists and choose from your existing stock of models. Easy. However, if you collect a set number of points like 1500pts then you're going to need to add some additions and tweak it to maximise it's potential in the new edition.

Or, you can start a fresh with a brand new army built from the ground up tailored to work perfectly with the 6th edition rules.

I like an excuse to collect a new army. My army collections are real slow-grows nowadays. I spend way too much time on large centre piece models. My new army needs to reflect this. I need to be able to take my time and create something better then the last armies (Dark Eldar and Grey knights). I dipped my toes into Necrons and quite like them, so I could just continue with them, however I can feel the dark forces tempting me.

With chaos in the boxed game and 6th edition allowing allies and psychic powers being a focus, I feel chaos space marines and chaos daemons are going to be the army of choice. Incredibly diverse unit choice means I could paint a different unit each time, from Khorne Berzerkers, to Thousand Sons to Daemonettes. The variety is staggering. The only other army I feel could come close would be Eldar, but I painted Eldar many moons ago, and I've never had a chaos army.

So, Chaos it is. How about you?

That's not to say I have never painted Chaos models, this Bloodthirster was painted by myself back in June 2003 as a piece to go straight onto eBay. I don't paint for commission or eBay anymore. I paint for myself (it sometimes ends up on eBay though).