I use the term showcase extremely loosely with these models. I'm using it for consistency purposes because we at Tale Painters describe our completed works as showcase. So using the Showcase Tag you can see all our completed works, or using the WIP Tag you can see our WIP posts (obviously). Anyway I digress. The point I'm trying to make is I'm not proud of this paint job. I painted these a couple of years ago as part of an online army painting challenge. I think I completed the whole 1500pt army in a single month. It takes me a month to paint one big project or a couple of smaller projects nowadays as I much prefer to take my time and try my best.

Having just shared the Rogue Trader warriors with you (here) I thought it might be cool to dust off these 2nd edition Tyranid Warriors. I love these goofy sculpts, they're quite uniquely Tyranid with their exposed ribbed muscle venting and carapace. The barbed strangler sculpt on the right is awesome, it just looks alien! The mahoosive claws are a little out of place. From a WYSIWYG perspective you could play them as either Scything Talons or Rending Claws I guess.