After a week or so of rather unsatisfying WIP updates from my side of things, here's something finished for a change: The good old Devastators! They're the first of their army to bear the new Finecast Crimson Fists shoulderpads, helmets and backpacks (at least a few of them). Other than that, nothing remarkable apart from the really snazzy old-style missile launchers of course. I had to give the guy a knife in the other hand because it's the only proper thing to do with the single-hand-shoulder-mounted missile launchers of first and second edition 40k!

I'll be honest though - this squad gave me a bit of trouble which caused some delays. The release agent residue just wouldn't come off some of the resin parts from FW so the paint went off after the basecoat. This meant that I had to take off several single parts, strip them, wash them again and paint them again to fit the rest of the model. Very annoying and time-consuming setback. The other thing was that I lacked Boltguns which is why the Marines in which squad have an especially eclectic mix of various Boltguns (the coolest one being in the hands of the guy behind the Sergeant of course). Just in case you're wondering - the bases are cast by myself and should be available to buy rather soon.

Speaking of the Sergeant, I went for something rather different here, making him crouch and act more or a communications and spotter guy for the squad with rather subdued weaponry and an Auspex instead.

Anyway, hope you like the squad. It certainly is a one-of-a-kind mix of Marines, fitting for the rest of the army. Oh, also note the squad designation badges. They're different than on the rest of the army because this squad is from a different company than the rest of the guys. 

Let me know what you think of the bunch, C&C, as they say, is very welcome. :)