As promised, proper group shots of my recently finished unit of Giant Rats along their converted packmasters. As with my first unit I took regular Clanrats, cut off their hands and attached the whips from the Rat Ogres sprue. The packmasters that come with this sprue don't fit the style of the newer Skaven models. Another view after the jump!

Painting this unit took me longer than expected. I had an awful lot of work to do with my new flat that kept me away from my hobby. Plus, with a year and a half and over 150 Skaven models already painted, I'm at a point where the army gets really boring. Doing a Fantasy army is really hard even for an experienced army painter like me. I'm looking forward to get this army done (just another unit of Clanrats and some more characters) and then to do some smaller scale projects.

So how do you like this unit and the conversion? Drop me some comments!