Time to add more resin to the Crimson Fists. Those two fellas are (really pretty) new Apothecary models by Forgeworld. Just for you, the guy in the left donned an Mk.II power armour while his colleague in the right rides in style with his snazzy Mk.IV power armour. As so very often, the sculptors at FW put quite a bit of thought into the design and with many details you can guess how they developped from the Mk.II armour over the Mk.IV into the Mk.VII.

The Mk.II guy got his bolt pistol changed into a Boltgun so he would be allowed to go with the Sternguard Marines you saw a few months ago. This is of course a very early WIP and these guys are packed with details but I'll still try to give you another update on those as soon as possible because it's nice to paint Apothecaries for a change, especially such nice models.