When labelling this post I wasn't sure if I should make it a WIP or a Showcase one because essentially the guy is finished but he lacks the dust and grime his battle brethen got as well so technically it's WIP. Anyhow, I hope you like him. 

Funny story about this model: I tried to order him a few weeks ago along with the Chaplain you saw earlier as well as a set of Crimson Fists shoulderpads and various bits and pieces. The order was processed but a few hours later I received an e-mail that the articles I had orders weren't available any more so I seem to have cought the time the things were still listed but actually had been pulled already for being remade in Finecast.

So I had to delay the guy for a few days until he was finally re-released in Finecast (at an increased price of course) and now I got the Finecast version. No major issues with the cast. I think GW are getting better at casting miniatures again. :p Altough I had to resculpt the upper left corner of the book the guy's holding to his chest.

Oh, also note how his armour is lighter and shinier than the one of his CF comrades. It's supposed to be "librarian blue armour" with only his left shoulder armour being in the proper Crimson Fists colour.