I decided to take a short break from painting my Skaven army and treat myself with this unofficial Eldar Warlock model. It was made by freelance sculptor Shane Hoyle and I got a cast from Warseer. Don't ask, they're all gone, I'm afraid. It's a quite nice model, I really like the pose. However it isn't without flaws. The fur and the hair is a bit lazily sculpted here and there and the model is very big, a little bit out of scale with the other Eldar models. I'm going to use him as a Spiritseer.

By the way, this is actually the first resin model I'm painting as I'm avoiding Finecast so far and never had anything from Forgeworld so far. It was a very nice and clean cast, however I learnt that Resin can be a bit snappy as I broke off the right foot when I was overzealously pinning the model to the base. Was an easy fix though. The model looks quite messy so far and will be tidied up soon. The new Ceramite White made basecoating the white helmet a little bit easier than before I must admit.