Got a good amount of painting done yesterday, now the Spiritseer starts to look like something. I did the red cloack and armour and the purple hair and sash. Now I'm painting the wraithbone areas and then it's doing detail work. What do you think? 

And by the way, are you already hyped up for 6th edition? I hope the new book is as nicely done as the Fantasy book (I heard it has less pages than Fantasy though), just for the sake of browsing through it. I'm not a rules guy, so I'm not going to get into this here, but I'm pretty thrilled about the new allies system. Not for the cheesy combinations there will be (and there will be many I guess), but it will be really great for all the collectors out there like us. You can do some visually very varied armies now. Maybe sometimes I'm going to add some planetary defense forces (guardsmen) to my Ultramarines?