I haven't seen many reviews of Finecast models online recently. This got me thinking... have Games Workshop clamped down on the quality control? I decided to buy a box and a blister of Finecast models and find out for myself. Read on to find out if it was Fine or Failcast...

I've taken some very clear and large photos of these models, and looking at the Urien Rakarth cast it's pretty much perfect. I think there were a total of 4 air bubbles which were so small they'd probably have filled in at the undercoat stage, but I used some liquid greenstuff which took less then a minute to dab on. It dries pretty quick too so I went over it quickly with a file. Because the resin is softer then metal they clean up really fast. The crispness of detail is superior to metal. It's sharper, where as metal has rounded off edges. 

When I bought these at a local Games Workshop store, I asked to open the box so I could check them out and potentially save myself a journey back if there was a problem. The manager actually told me they hadn't had many returns recently which collaborates with my theory about there have been fewer internet reports of bad casts. Whilst checking them out in the store I could see no flaws and felt happy to take them away. 

The Wracks are generally pretty good. A few chins and one blade had missing detail which I've had to resculpt with greenstuff. The air bubbles are quite minimal and just required some liquid greenstuff. Some of the parts required straightening with hot water and then a dip in cold water to set. Considering the size of the models and how thin some of the parts are it's to be expected with resin.

Final thoughts... 6 models cost me £31.50, that's comparable to Forgeworld's prices. The clean up process is also comparable to Forgeworld. With greenstuffing and straightening. I've worked with Forgeworld models for years and assembled 4 gargantuans and a super heavy flyer, all of which have required heavy duty pinning/straightening and general fixing. Working with resin is hard work and requires patience. The more effort you put in the more rewarding it is. I take this approach with Finecast. It's no different to Forgeworld. 

I love how small and intricate the details are. The sculpts are lovely and the work involved was simple. I've had worse metal models that have had miscasts. Overall, a pleasant and enjoyable assembly project which has left me itching to paint them. I'm pro Finecast!

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