Here's the latest addition to the commissioned Crimson Fists army project - a Storm Talon (also to challenge Garfy's air superiority here on the Tale of Painters with his gorgeous flyers ;) ).

All the weapon options (big missiles, small missiles, Lascannons and heavy Bolters) are magnetized to the client can switch as he pleases:

One of the fun things about GW's flyers is how much you can do with the bases (if you like). It's basically a huge empty base for you to build scenery on or, if you prefer plain bases, it's no problem either because the flyer itself draws the viewer's attention naturally.


With the canopy I had a some rough fun to properly show that this fella has been in the heat for some time without much time or resources for repairs:


I hope that you like the pictures and if so, or if you have any questions, critique or requests, let me know in the comments section. :)