Who ya gonna call... Iron Man! OK, so I got carried away with the Ghostbuster proton streams and the Iron Man pilot! I like to think I've managed to create something unique with the paint job. Read on to check out all the other pictures I took. 

I've had so much fun painting fliers recently. The Doom Scythe is my 5th flyer! Will I pint a 6th? (Maybe my Thunderhawk should be my next one?

Necron models really lend themselves to extreme edge highlighting, so I thought I'd try edge highlighting with some airbrush blending. The results are quite satisfying and really add depth to what is literally a flat model. The red is so deep and rich. 

I'm not overly keen on the bases, I like the alien feel of them, but this base is huge and just feels like I've stuck stuff to it. I need to think about the bases. Thanks to everyone with their suggestions in the previous blog post. I might just re do the bases to something simpler, like a desert theme.

The weaponry is one of my favourite areas of this piece. I feel like I'm really doing something different to the majority of the Necron players out there. No glowing green weaponry painted with an airbrush here!

Group shot so far. I really need to stop experimenting on the bases and make a decision. I think I might re do all the bases from scratch.  

So, that's another large kit completed. What's next? Well as I write this, I'm not sure? I have a Clawed Fiend, Beast Master, Sniper Scouts or the Thunderhawk on my desk. I have a couple of ships left to paint for Deadfleet. I have Epic 40,000 to start. I have the Space Marine megaforce to open as well... I'm not even going to mention the 2000 tyranids waiting to be assembled... Maybe I should ignore it all and buy some more, that's we all do right?