It's the weekend so time for some of my own minis as a quick change from the usual commission work. These guys have been the main project in terms of my own minis over the past two months. 

After I painted a platoon or so of various Epic forces and discovering the joy of painting 6mm minis (and finding an Epic player nearby) I thought I should expand into a full SM army. I had already started painting them as Ultramarines so I stuck to that theme.

This army will be done as cheaply as possible due to the fact that I don't really feel like investing too much money into this small-scale project (starting quite a bit larger thing soon).

Besides, I already got a bunch of the minis I require. Most of the infantry, bikes, trikes and Rhinos, one or two Warlords even, and Land Raiders are there, all in plastic, so all I need is some support vehicles. What I do about Landing Craft, Thunderhawks and so on I'll have to decide on lateron. The FW kits do look very nice, don't they... (yes people, that's four lines after I claimed not to spend much money on this army :P ). As you can see, I'm using a bunch of Squats in this army as well because I got the models some years ago so I'll be using those for Bikes, Trikes, Devastators, maybe for Scouts and some backup Terminators as well.

Anyhoo, that's the current state of things. The next additions will be a detachment of Whirlwinds, a proper command squad for the tactical marines, some more Terminators, maybe some Scouts.

Lately I really got into the look of smaller scale armies. There's a whole different quality about them on the table. Anyway, I hope you like the minis so far and hope that you have a splendid weekend!