With the Grey Knights completed, and my next army choice not even on the new release radar yet (Chaos), I thought I would spend the next few months revisiting my Necrons. Having just enjoyed Flyer Friday I decided to purchase another flyer, the awesome Doom Scythe / Night Scythe!

I assembled the model into sub assemblies to make accurate airbrushing easier so I didn't get any overspray onto other parts. I always undercoat with Vallejo Surface Primer using my airbrush. 

I then mix up first colour. I use an old small jam jar, some Vallejo Gory Red and Tamiya X-20A thinners. The Vallejo paint is a dropper style bottle so I just squeeze that out into the jar. I then add a few drops of the thinner using the pipette. You don't need a lot of thinner. There is no magic ratio number here because different paints require different amounts of thinning. You just have to trial and error it. I find this stuff requires a small about though.  

I then set up the airbrush to do some small work. So I use a 0.3mm nozzle, close down the air adjuster  (labeled D here) and wind in the Needle Stop Adjuster (labelled E on the previous link). I then carefully work my way round the edges of each piece.

Using Scarlett Red from the Vallejo Model Air range I go over what I just did trying to leave some of the previous colour showing. This range of paint is great, it require no thinning, you just squirt it straight into your airbrush. Once you're done you can take the dropper lid off of the bottle and pour the left over paint back in. No waste!

Using Vallejo Black (NOT the surface primer) and some thinners I go over the spray job making the centre of the panels black again. I wanted to do this because despite how careful I was the ship was too red for my liking. You don't have to do this stage if you were happy with the previous stage. 

Dry-fit time. Looks quite cool if I say so myself. The next job will be to black line everything and edge highlight the red with an orangey-white mix using a brush. Then I can paint the details. Watch this space for more WIP shots. 

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