It's the final countdown, dadada da... So who's got this song stuck in his head now? These are another 30 Clanrats, thankfully the final unit in my Skaven army. With all the buzz about 6th edition it will be hard to churn through another big Fantasy unit but I don't like unfinished projects.

As you can see, these are made mainly from Island of Blood models, but I also added some parts from the regular Clanrats sprue for more variety. The picture above gives a good impression how the unit will look like. Unfortunately I couldn't glue all the arms yesterday as I ran out of plastic glue. I couldn't see this happening actually. My Revell glue (the small one with the long tip) seemed to last forever, I think I assembled the majority of my Ultramarines and all of my Eldar and Skaven models with it. True bargain for about 2 Euro.