The furry, spider faced monster that is the Clawed Fiend has been a joy to paint. It's so different to any other model in the Dark Eldar army it feel like you're painting a brand new model for a different army. 

 I really like the scheme the Eavy Metal team used, but I've tweaked it ever so slightly. I've gone for a much richer blue tone with some deep purple shading for the muscles and instead of a red face I've gone for a fleshy pink with some red/purple tones.

The above shot shows the recently completed Beast Master and the Clawed Fiend bound to his will. These two models have been hanging around my desk in an undercoated state for what seems an absolute age. It's a great feeling to get this clawed monkey off my back!

Do you have any clawed monkeys on your back? What do you need to finish off in your collection?