Oh dear, a brand new boxed game is released tomorrow and I still haven't finished the last one. This week I've cut corners trying to paint as much of the Dreadfleet box set as possible. Read on to see what i managed to paint...

Sadly, as you can see I didn't get much done. Just some small gaming pieces and the measuring stick. I used my airbrush to base colour the pieces, and then I drowned them in washes... seems appropriate given the sea-faring nature of the pieces. A hefty dose of drybrushing and the rushed pieces are complete. 

You can see here I haven't bothered painting any of the detail of the pieces. They're just gaming aids, they really don't warrant the extra effort but with the minimal amount of work they look better then bare plastic. 

I have 7 cogs (the tiny little ships), Skabrus and the Sea Drake left to paint to complete my Dreadfleet set.