Regular readers would have remembered my pitiful Table of Shame, completing these Genestealer Hybrids finishes off that list of incomplete models on my desk. Readers from Christmas, might remember my Hobby New Years Resolution, well 8 months in and it's not going to bad. The arachnarok, is complete and Dreadfleet and Tyranid Attack have a large number of models completed. Read on to see more close ups of these classic Hybrids and to see the groupshot of my completed Tyranid Attack models so far.

I wanted a classic paint scheme for these classic minis. I really enjoyed painting the alien pink skin and adding some purple hues with some light glazes. I even glazed the eyes red to make them seem more evil.

The weapons were painted with a military green, to give the Hybrids a feel of over throwing a planet's Government and Military. 


Click on the above pic to get a larger view, alternatively use these links to see the models own blog entries that I've posted previously.