Heyhey, something quick today but I just felt like I had to share this. It's three plasma gunners to be added to existing squads of this rather huge comissioned Space Wolves army I've been working on for a while. 

It's all pretty straightforward. Guy in the middle is a conversion of one of the Assault on Black Reach starter box Marines. I just really love how the above picture really came out like it's straight from Codex Imperialis or 2nd edition Codex Space Wolves. Sure, there's battle damae and all that but the colours and all of that really reminded me of the style of picture you'd see in a second edition 40k book.

This other picture I did less tweaking to make it look like it's from the olden days. Closer to what the guys really look like and showing off their pack markings on the shoulder pads (except for the studded guy of course).

So that was just a bit of a fun thing I felt like sharing with you guys. I also couldn't pass up on the chance of using such a supercheesy headline. ;)