I did it! After about two years of painting, my Skaven army is finally finished with the completion of my last unit of Clanrats. Ok, I still need to varnish those Clanrats, but nevermind. I'm so glad I'm done with painting (and individually highlighting) those pesky segmented rat tails... and also a bit proud I painted about 2500 points of a horde army.

Above you can see the command unit. I went for a rather basic freehand on the banner, it's also a bit rushed but I just wanted to get these buggers done. Or reader Gary suggested a cropped design. Initally I was very fond of this idea, but after some trys on a bit of paper it just didn't work out and my patience was limited.
What do you think?

Of course, pictures of the whole unit and of the whole army will follow soon, as well as some new and exciting projects from me, so stay tuned!