I've been dusting off my Orc and Goblin units from my display case for the past couple of weeks now, and this week I'm pleased to share with you my favourite mob, the Black Orcs! More pics after the jump.

These models are notorious for never ranking up properly and it takes some time and patience to get them all to line up, when you do finally get them all in the movement tray the visual effect is incredible. They really do look like a mean green killing machine. With blades, axes and shields flung high in the air this unit looks like it means serious business!

I really like the use of yellow as a spot colour here. With each having a yellow helmet it helps to distinguish the number of bodies at a glance. If the helmet masks were a dark colour the unit would just look like a black mess. I kept the metals shiny and didn't rust them up. Black Orcs are quite regimented and take the best weapons. They wouldn't settle for a rusty choppa.

This is a little shout out to a fellow hobbyist. Be sure to check out our friend JoeyBerry if you're interested in learning about the hobby. Her video blogs are slanted towards beginners as she delves into the hobby. You can get links to all her stuff at http://www.facebook.com/TheJoeyberry it's worth checking out.