What is a better sensation then new box smell? Completing an entire box set of models, that's what is! I feel fantastic that I've completed the entire Dreadfleet boxset. Read on for more jubilation and pictures. 

All the ships, terrain, gaming pieces are fully painted. I skimped on the quality of the tokens and markers, but spent more time on the ships themselves. As a set it looks visually stunning, each ship is individual and needed a different approach to painting, creating a very fun painting project. If you're a painter and want something different to paint then Dreadfleet is a great distraction. You might be able to pick it up cheap in a trade or on eBay because it's not all that popular. 

Above is a close up of the Grand Alliance. Below is a close up of the Dreadfleet.  

Who wouldn't want to own a set of models like this all painted up nicely. I'm really chuffed with this collection. Now just to find someone who will teach me the rules and work through the missions with with me.