This is the Farseer I painted recently. There are two little conversions on him, first I replaced the helmet with a bare head from the High Elf Lord on Dragon sprue. Also I took the left hand with the Shuriken Pistol from my other Farseer and gave it to this one. This change reflects the options in the army list better. Hit "more after the jump" for a couple more shots including a better view on the lightning effect on the Witchblade.

With my two Farseers painted, I imagine that this one is a younger Eldar with a more energetic personality. He probably treads the path of the Farseer for a short time and was a Warlock before. My other Farseer is older and sports a more authotorian guiding pose.

Painting him was good fun. Apart from the face and the eyes, which took several tries to get them right. The detail wasn't very pronounced in the plastic sculpt, plus the Army Painter Pure Red tends to be a bit on the thick side. Not a combination that lends itself to easy painting. But there he is. What do you think? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!