Hey there, remember this guy? I painted this Warlock for my Saim-Hann army a while ago, but it took a while to get around varnishing and photographing him. If the model itself might look unfamiliar to you it's no surprise, this is an unofficial model. Find out more after the jump.

This warlock was sculpted by freelance and ex-GW sculptor Shane Hoyle. I got one resin copy of a very limited run from a guy from Warseer. It's a quite nice model and looks more modern in comparison to the quite aged models from GW. It has it's flaws though, the hair and fur is a bit lazily sculpted and the scale is off, it's much bigger than other Eldar models. Almost like 32 mm. Still, it was a fun model to paint.

What do you think? Do you enjoy the sculpt and the paint job?