Heyhey, some more Space Wolves but definately the last ones for a while. Bikes got a considerable boost (no pun intended) with 6th edition 40k and so out they come again.

Which I find is great because I really like the fact that there still are bikes in 40k It's a nice thing to make 40k a bit different and it's a reminder of the days when the overall style was much more "rowdy" in a way with leather jackets, mohawks and heavy motorcycles playing a more pivotal role.

Anyway, I think that the Space Marines bikes still hold up very, very well even if they lost their flag poles and they are a fun addition to any army.

Sorry if I get a bit nostalgic over these models but do you see that guy with the Meltagun? That torso originally came with the Space Marines bike squad box along with a plasmagunner (same pose) and a sergeant with a power sword if I remember correctly and those were the first Warhammer 40,000 models I ever built and painted.

Anyway, I hope you like those models. They got some Space Wolves stuffs added to make them fit the chapter better. Come to think of it, it may be the first time I ever did those rounded cavarly bases GW are doing now. Blame the lack of bike popularity in recent years. ;)