Hey there, this weekend I painted a test model for my Escher gang and this is the final paint scheme I went for. For a long time I knew I wanted to give my ladies a darker, more contemporary paint job than on the 'Eavy Metal painted studio models from the 90s. However I couldn't help to add some yellow as a reference. I also wanted to do pink dyed hair - the amount of pink in the hair will display the rank within the gang. Originally I wanted to add purple, too, but settled with a dark pink for the armour plates and weapons in the end. I think it works really well with the turquoise paint splashes on the gems, lenses and make up. It's also more harmonious to the hair.

I'm really fond of the paint scheme, probably my most refined one so far. I also enjoy the grey base with my custom mixed brown static grass. What do you think? Any criticism before it's too late? ;)