Having pushed the Space Orks aside for a bit (due to pressing deadline on these guys), I went back to finish the Mordheim warband.

These, obviously,  are two archers and two crossbowmen, almost finished. I think I will leave them at this point and return when I do the last bits on the whole gang like making the bases look a bit more interesting, maybe add some dust or dirt to the shoes and such.

Have I mentioned that bit before about Mordheim being spelled "Mortheim" in the German version because GW wanted to avoid having the German word for "murder" ("Mord") in the title? Same reasons everything is only a "Hel-somethingorother" now instead of "Hell-" I guess.Maybe also the reason behind the weird emergence of replacing Is with Ys in some unit names. Apart from turning Griffons into Gryphons of course. That's just them being weird and silly I guess. ;)

Anyways, this is what I'll do for the next few days - Mordheim! Really pretty models, the client wants them to look top notch.