I forced myself to paint the Thunderhawk two nights in a row. I want to keep the momentum going and keep chipping away at it. This step was all about lining the armour panels with the airbrush. I've gone for a near black dark blue. I plan to give the ship a light misting of Ultramarine blue to blend the shading in a bit. Then I will highlight the panels with the airbrush. Read on for some more thoughts on painting this humongous craft. 

To break up the blue I'm planning on masking off and airbrushing on a diagonal white line on the side of the craft. I will also stencil on some large Ultramarine U symbols on the main wings and the nose below the front of the cockpit. I will also do a skull and lightning bolt motif freehand above the front wings. Heavy bolters are mounted on the side of the nose so that's a no go area for freehand. 

At some point I need to think of a flying base. I've made one in the past for my Harridan, but I'm wondering if anyone had any suggestions or examples?