I'm now starting to get into this project. It's the biggest airbrush project I've tried (slightly bigger then my Harridan, but far more complex). I've really enjoyed the precision of this project so far. I can't believe I've lined and highlighted the whole thing with an airbrush! If you compare it to the previous picture the shading isn't as harsh. This is because I gave the entire model a light misting of Ultramarine blue and this has tied it all together nicely. I like the depth it's created, despite it being flat panels and boxy it seems to have some depth to it which I think is great. I'm really enjoying using my airbrush as a tool to get better results rather then to speed paint minis.

I suspect this model might take over a month to complete, I wonder if I should break the project up and paint some smaller stuff in-between? Perhaps I'll treat the base of this huge flyer as a separate project. Speaking of the base, I have ordered 300mm long acrylic rod which is 20mm in diameter and a 20mm forstner dill bit. I will be using this drill bit to create a hole in the plywood base and the bottom of the Thunderhawk. Fingers crossed it works and I don't destroy my hawk.