At last some detail work! I use the term detail very loosely because the engines are the same length as a Land Raider and the Turbo Laser is the length of a Rhino APC. Read on for some close ups of the Thunderhawk's guns, engines and landing gear. 

I painted all the metals by brush (a very large one). Everything received a solid base coat of GW Warplock Bronze. Then the metal areas were painted with Leadbelcher, washed with Nuln Oil and then dry brush highlighted with Ironbreaker. The Bronze areas were painted with Hashut Copper washed with Agrax Earthshade and then drybrush highlighted with Brass Scorpion. Very simple but effective way to paint such huge areas.


What to paint next? Well the there are a few Imperial Aquila icons on the model that need painting, and the door detail needs painting, so I think raised icon details are next. This also means I need to paint the name of the thunderhawk onto the nose scroll work, any suggestions for names greatly appreciated, not too long please. Thanks.

 I still have to start work on the base. My acrylic rod and forstner drill bit arrived so at least I can construct it. I was thinking about content for the base and I've decided for the desert theme I'm going to have a skeleton carcass sticking out of the sand. Now I just need to find a toy dinosaur skeleton.

So much still to do.