Look what I've found over at Dice and Brush, who have some shots of the new releases section of November's issue of White Dwarf. Apart from the new Warriors of Chaos models, which you can also check out at Dice and Brush, the 'Eavy Metal Edge Paint Set has caught my attention. I was always criticising the lack of those very light shades in the layer range of the new Citadel paint range, which you need for that final highlight to make your models really pop out. This new paint set of nine paints and an 'Eavy Metal brush (probably a re-branded Winsor & Newton like in the 'Eavy Metal bundles before) addresses this sore spot of the new paint range. From what I can gather from the picture, I guess they are the same shades as the dry paints, but with a consistency of regular layer paints. However the paint names seem to be different, so hopefully they'll become available seperately after a while, because this set comes out at a whopping 43 Euro. With 27 Euro worth of paint (9 x 3 Euro), this means you pay 16 Euro for a brush you probably don't need. Ouch.

There are also new basing kits out for November, check them out after the jump!

Apart from the red paint station, there are also four new basing kits. They seem to have a quite cool assortment of stuff, but then you check out the price tag, which is rumoured to be 24,50 Euro. That's more than a cavalry box for something that consists of 50% rubble. Why GW, why.

What do you think of those new hobby offerings? Do you feel the need for very light paints, too? Would you pick up something from that list next month? Let us know in the comments.