Utterly inspired by Rev's cool Imperial Fist Space Hulk Terminator I thought I'd dust off my Space Hulk Terminators and post them on Tale of Painters. More boys in blue after the jump.

The first picture above shows the awesome Terminator Librarian. I think the only conversion to this was snipping something off of the top, apart from that it's standard. The heavily converted Chaplain on the right use to be the Terminator with Lightning Claws. I've used all many of bits to change this model, including forgeworld brass etch and a chaos space marine helmet. I know his weapon load out is illegal, but it looks cool has hell.

This is my 10 man unit. It's been de-bloodangelitised. I've replaced whole arms and shoulder pads where filing iconography off was too difficult.  In some places a blob of green stuff can turn a blood angel tear drop into a generic gem shape. Forgeworld brass etch is another great way to hide things and really make the models stand out as ultramarines like the sergeants chest aquilla with U symbol. Close ups below.