Heyhey, just another single miniature WIP from me then after I was pretty occupied with technical stuff and non-GW stuff over the past days.

So, the Mordheim elven ranger. Cool mini, unusual hair but I think that the mold is kind of worn out at this point. The model looked a bit wobbly in some places and unnecessarily rough in others. He obviously needs a bit of work, especially the sword's blade, the outside of the cloak and maybe the quiver too.

The whole idea behind the colour scheme of course is to make him match the rest of the warband but still have him look a bit different. Therefore I reduced yellow to just the gemstones and instead added some more of the green and purple to the overall mix. Another thing is that the cloak's backside is supposed to be in a more drab colour for camouflage and such whilst the inside should signal a certain degree of vanity or at least the certainty of being above the dirt so to speak. That's an effect I really enjoy doing - dark or inconspicious cloaks with very colourful and rich insides. Works great on Tzeentch characters I think but of course it's not too bad for mercenary elves either.

Anyway, I hope that you like him. Next up - another Mordheim hero!