Hey people, I'm back on the Mordheim warband after taking a quick detour into my historical wargaming project again. Today we got a mighty mercenary ogre!

The model, as some of you will recognize, is one of the Avatars of War characters. All I did was remove some bits from his back that made him look a bit too savage, instead gave him all kinds of stuff he found or took from some poor fella. Let's see what he's got there... there's of course a piece of fur, a musket rest, a shovel, a dwarven beer mug, two bottles of schnaps and a bedroll. Backstorywise, he's been in imperial service for a while now so I made him look a tad like it by adding an empire buckler to his shoulder too and keep his clothes in the same colour scheme as the rest of the warband.

At this point I would say that he's almost finished, just like most of the members of the warband. I will go back through each of them once every mini is at this point and will do final touch-ups and such, make the bases look a bit more dramatic and so on.