Another mercenary for the Empire warband. This time it's a dwarf, quite obviously. Slayer, even!

It's an Avatars of War miniature again. Once I finished this one I can half-proudly say that I painted all AoW dwarf miniatures that were released to date! Well, until these new plastic copper shields (that was the name, right?) are released.

Anyway, I digress. Painting Slayers is always fun because they basically got a cool colour scheme built in. You can have fun painting the skin (painting skin is always fun), you can experiment with outrageous red hair (which I prefer to keep a bit toned down) and of course you can go crazy with freehanding tattoos. In this case I even got to paint some blod which is something I always enjoy. Note how I tried to make it flow into the recesses between the headstones. Fun stuff. :).