Hi guys,
in the name of the whole Tale of Painters crew, I'd like to address a big thank you to all of you, whether you be a regular reader or first time visitor. Yesterday we reached the magic number of 1,000,000 pageviews. Thank you so much, you guys rock. We'd have never dreamed of so much popularity after just over a year of Tale of Painters. Of course, this is a great motivation for us to become even better - so stay tuned for more inspirational paint jobs and more tutorials and reviews in the future. Please take your time and write us some feedback in the comments section, or follow us on Facebook, Blogger or subscribe to our RSS feed. Also have a look and try out our sponsors for satisfying your wargaming needs. They support us so much, so they are definately worth checking out. Please continue to spread the word about Tale of Painters, be it in your gaming group or online, and continue to leave comments studiously, your feedback keeps our hobby spirits high! Thank you guys!