I painted these 'thropes' when the models first came out, so the paint jobs are a few years old now. So why am I sharing them with you now? Well read on to find out. 

This cool looking 'thrope' was painted by my friend Sierra. I was moaning at her saying all her armies were predominately black. So she went out of her way to replicate my paint scheme in her own way and to prove me wrong. I thought it was a pretty cool thing to do so I wanted to share it with everyone. I actually prefer her version, and I think my next Zoanthropes will be painted with purple vents and less yellow. 

This is what Sierra had to say...
As garf was complaining I never paint anything aside from black. I decided to try something new and told him to chose a color for me, he chose "red". While the end result is fairly ok I must admit I was kinda lazy while doing this and really should have done a few more layers on the purple for the vents, as well as a few more layers on the talons. Then again I'm somewhat happy with it given how fast it was done, gave me a bit of inspiration to start painting my other two zoans (which may or may not be uploaded by Garf :P).

OK, I see what she's done there... here is the WIP shot of Sierra's other two Zoanthropes in her black scheme. What do you prefer? Red or black? Place your bets now!

Have you been inspired to suddenly change direction and try something new recently? I pretty much did the reverse by ditching my Crimson Slaughter Helbrute and instead start painting Black Legion