Here I present a couple of high quality shots of the first five models of my Escher Gang for Necromunda. The Escher model range has 20 different models, so these make up exactly one fourth of it. A couple more shots after the jump.

So far I'm really enjoying painting them, even though both the skin and the yellow areas take up quite a lot of time. The models have really stood up to the test of time, definitely some classic Jes Goodwin models. Some of them are a bit 2D, some have had mold lines going through critical areas like the skin, but overall I really like the models.

For a skirmish game, I went for a quite cohesive paint scheme. Variation can only be found in the hair colours and clothing. The amount of pink hair dye indicates the rank in the gang - Juves have only a little strand, while the Heavy sports fully pink hair. Overall I'm really fond of the paint scheme. I think the pink and purple has a nice contrast to the yellow, while the clothing is rather dark, which makes those spots of color really pop. What do you think? By the way, as a lot of people asked which paints I used, I'm going to put together some colour recipes soon. Stay tuned!