Hi there, I've finished my latest batch of Necromunda models! With the Leader and the Juve done, I've completed 10 models out of 20, so half time! I'm quite pleased how the turquoise glow effect turned out. At first I thought about painting the whole blade turquoise, as laid out in Garfy's excellent Grey Knights tutorial. But then I thought a turquoise blade would overwhelm the model, as I use only sparse amounts of this colour on my Escher. Also I guess you wouldn't be able to hold a powered blade this close to your body.

So I went for more subtle source lightning. Painting it was difficult. First, I tried glazing the metal with thinned VGC Falcon Turquoise, which I completely messed up. Then I repainted the sword and for the second try, I mixed increasing amounts of turquoise into my metallic base colour while getting closer and closer to the light source. That turned out quite well. Getting it right on the hair was difficult, too, but in the end I think it turned out nice. What do you think?