Finally back with some Epic-scale Space Marines tanks! A formation of Whirlwinds and a Hunter anti-air tank. I used them in my first game of Epic I had last weekend.

These are really old minis as you can see on the Whirlwind launcher designs and so far they actually are the only metal tanks in my Ultramarines army.

The Hunter was built literally the night before the game as I had a sudden surge of fear possibly facing Ork flyers. So I decided to build a Hunter, based on the trusty old plastic Rhino.

I cut away the handles and some bits fro the top hatch, made it one smooth surface, added the turret ring (not the correct term, I know) and built a Hunter missile launcher from some Tau Crisis Suit weapons (always a good source of mechanical looking parts I find), a handle from a 1/35 scale Panzer III kit, some plasticard, a thin plastic rod, a magazine of Eldar hand grenades and a lasgun stock.

As for the game itself, Epic Armageddon seems to be a darned nice ruleset. The Epic community in Austria is very, very small (yeah, everything is small here but the Epic community especially so), even compared to the number of people playing Warmaster so it took me a while to find someone to play with. All in all, very good system. Tactical, fast, not getting bogged down with equipment options and special rules, not completely I-go-You-go but alternating activation of formations so very little downtime on the players which also always is a plus.

Here's a quick shot of the army I fielded, all crammed into one picture (that's 2000 points):

So those are a bunch of Ultramarines from the first and second companies plus a few Squat allies (Bikers and Scouts). Had a very fun game. :-)

In other news, the third part of my Zombies review got a bit delayed because shipping from the UK seems to go straight through the warp. Sometimes stuff arrives just days after it's been sent, sometimes it takes up to three or more weeks. And is completely soaked. I'll show you the pictures later, it's quite remarkable.

Anyway, I hope you liked the tiny blue tanks and if not -  there'll be 28mm stuff again very soon