I've been distracted this month painting models from the Hobbit range but I have finally found time to revisit my Black Legion and complete my first Chaos unit for my new army. This unit is ridiculously busy. It's really cool of Games Workshop to make these amazing plastic models with incredible amounts of detail but they really did put the pain in paint to complete.  Read on to see close ups of the last two models I painted. 

To complete the squad I only had to paint the sergeant and the bolter marine. I followed my own tutorial because I'd forgotten which colours I had used for a few steps.  

This is the rear shot, I really like the tentacles holding the bolter to the back pack. They're even reloading the bolter.

Not sure what I should work on next for this army. The Helbrute or the Cultists? Oh well, back to the Hobbit models for now.