Hi there, today is the day the new Dark Angel models hit the shelves. If you toy with the idea to start your own army of the Unforgiven but need some inspiration for painting, let us help you out. Follow this link to learn how to paint the Dark Angel above, including handy step by step guides for painting dark green armour, bleached out robes, red weapon casings and other details you might encounter. But we also got paint recipes for painting the traditional yellowish bone armour of the Deathwing and the raven black armour of the Ravenwing. I compiled this tutorials to present you a well-thought-out paint scheme that enables you to put down an army that looks stunning on the table, while cutting corners in paint time by using well covering paints and "shortcuts" like coloured primers.

So who is starting Dark Angels now or fleshing out this Dark Vengeance collection? What are your favourite models of this release and what will you be picking up? Tell us in the comments!