Hello Tale of Painters blog readers! So pondering the year gone by seems fun, so here's my effort - and enlightening it is too. Much of my hobby history seems to blend into one long painting session (ever been to look at houses only to have them all merge into one?!) so it's interesting to see where one year ends and another begins. This was another year for me where I started painting in one house, and finished the year painting in another. Such is the way of life in my line of work. If you are interested in seeing what I've done this year, whether it's more or less than Garfy or Stahly - or what I'd like to achieve this year then I'll see you after the jump. If not, I hope you find what you're looking for and much much more.

The year began finishing of a labour of love. These 1ksons existed long before the HH novel, and I rode the novels hype to complete them. A trip in Feb to Warhammer World to empty a display cabinet enabled me to purchase some FW goodies, which were the cherry on the cake.

My mid game consited of a Grey Knights strike force. Some interesting models combined with a rogue trader inspired paint scheme piqued my interest.

Following hot on the heels of the Grey Knights was another black armour army. I've avoided black for years, and then in 2012 I get hit with not one but TWO black armies! Fortunately I managed to utlise the new GW paints to perfect a decent black highlight scheme. The Raven Guard will span into 2013.

In the end part of the year I was asked by GW to fill a display cabinet over Christmas - which is always a challenge as I tend to run a pretty low stock on painted miniatures. In fact, I didn't have any - but saw this as an excuse to paint some old stuff I had kicking around...

On of the final things which happened in late dec was the arrival of my new bespoke hobby desk. Made of solid oak, it matches some of out other living room furniture. I'll do a feature on my 'man cave' later this year.

And there it is. No idea how many miniatures, a few hundred maybe as this doesn't tell the full story, but just the bits I took pictures of. For 2013? Well you'll have to excuse me, I'll be out of the country for a significant portion of the mid game - but I've got a few things on the boil. My resolutions are:

1) Try some new techniques (nail OSL & glass bottles).
2) Teach my kids to paint (they've already tried a few minis).
3) Ingest less paint through brush licking.

I wish you all a fulfilling 2013. Eat less crap, exercise more and paint every day. With the greatest of respect. Rev.