I have now completed all the evil models from the set. That's 36 Goblins, a Scribe, Grinnah, a Captain and the Goblin King. I was originally going to treat the Hobbit box set as a slow burn project (like my Dreadfleet project) but I'm really enjoying the refreshing change, so I'm going to keep working on this set for a little longer. Read on to see  batch 3 and batch 4 of the Goblins from the Hobbit boxed game. .

This is a pretty big milestone in the project. All the scenery and all the evil models are complete. I'm really happy with how this is progressing. I've found a nice balance of speed and effective painting.  I guess I should get back to working on Dwarf tutorials though... does anyone still need more Hobbit tutorials or shall I just crank them out quickly and be done with the time consuming tutorials?