My previous attempts at basing my Chaos Chosen models fell a bit flat with the readers of Tale of Painters. I just couldn't find the correct base rim colour to match the rusty chequer plate tops. I invested a lot of time cutting those plasticard base tops to make 30ish bases so it was pretty hard to admit defeat and remove all of them. I'm happier with these new desert bases. Read on to find out how I created them and what this means for project Black Legion.

I bought a box of skellies to decorated the bases with sun bleached bones and skulls. I'm also using GW arid static grass and their new tufts of grass, which are really cool. This project has been full of false starts. The biggest one being painting a Helbrute and then deciding I don't like the colour scheme. I sold it on ebay for £19 and bought another one still on sprue for £10 unpainted. This new Helbrute will be painted in Black Legion colours using my own tutorial. I'm hoping once I have finished the Hobbit and Tyranid Attack I will be able to break into my Black Legion and Necron projects and really get moving with them.