Here we go with part two of this wild collection of WIP shots of the new Dreadfleet project I'm currently working on.

First, the Bloody Reaver! This time I had much more fun painting the thing than I did last time. Not sure why really. It's a fun model. I guess the first time around I wasn't exactly sure how to tackle this one because it is quite a mess (in a good way of course).

Some of the islands. Those I always do first just to have them out of the way so to speak. Excellent terrain and there's so much of it in the box.

Here are a few markers and whatnot. The treasure markers don't come out too well in the picture (they look better in real life, promised!), then we got a dragon to go with the High Elves ship you saw in the last article and the remains of a Dwarven vessel.

Above you can see the notorious Black Kraken and the Curse of Zandri from far-off Khemri. The first is very straightforward to paint while the Zandri profits from a bit more detail like the blue and red gem pattern.

Let's see if I get to do some more WIP shots or if we go straight to pictures of more finished stuff the next time. Stay tuned and of course comments are highly welcome as always!