Howdy Blood Bowl fans. One of my FAVOURITE things to do in this hobby is to build BB teams between commissions. I've gotten into the habit of buying a few fantasy box sets and indulging myself by seeing if I can come up with a decent team from the components. I've been playing a lot of High Elves on the PC game of late but have never owned an actually HE team, (I tend towards woodies - no double entendres please...) so decided to have a crack at one. I started by using Pheonix Guard (I think thats what they're called) to make some linemen as a bit of a warm up, then 4 catchers, 2 throwers and 2 Blitzers. I bought some Dragon Rider heads for the blitzers - an expensive addition in the scheme of things, but its my hobby so I can justify it. I won't paint these for a while, hence the WIP shots, more after the jump.


Blitzers & Throwers


Any other big BB fans out there?

Savage orc team to follow... fully painted!