Hi there, back in November I started showcasing my Escher gang - click here for part 1 with the first five models. Sorry for the long delay for part two, but it wasn't until I completed the gang that I found the time to get my photography equipment out. Now, look forward to the next couple of days/weeks, as there will be two more parts of this Necromunda showcase. More angles after the jump.

With these five models, I started to add some turqouise glow effects. The sword of the leader took three times to get it right. For the first two times I went with glazing, which didn't turn out right. Then I started with the base colour and added successive amounts of turquoise while getting closer and closer to the light source.

The ganger with the plasma pistol also has a light effect. It was a good exercise for the heavy with plasma cannon, who I'm gonna show the next time. How do you like the gang so far?