All good things must come to an end... this is the final part of my series of showcase posts for my Escher gang. These are the models 15 to 20 of my collection. More angles after the jump, as well as the long promised group shots of all 20 models!

The ganger on the very left, the one with shotgun and auto pistol, is probably my favourite sculpt. I guess I gave the ganger models that I like most blonde hair, as I feel my paint scheme works best with a blond hair colour. Nothing screams white trash more than bleached blonde hair with pink hair dye.

I gave the leader a turquoise bandana to set her off from the rest of the gang. When you look at the group shot below you can see that turquoise is used sparingly as a spot colour, mainly for glow effects, but also on gems, lenses and eye shadows.

So this is the long promised group shot of my gang as it is displayed in my IKEA Billy display cabinet. Actually it's not just a gang, but a collection of all 20 Escher models Games Workshop has produced. Not the best picture I know, to my excuse I have a hard time taking good pictures with my camera if I don't use my light box. But I think the picture is good enough to get the impression. If you want to see better pictures of the individual models, check out part 1, part 2 and part 3 of this showcase series. Each post presents five models in the order I painted them.

And this marks the end of my Necromunda project. I really really enjoyed painting those models. It felt like a great accomplishment to have finally done them justice, as I had them laying around in my cupboard for a couple of years. I'm also very happy with the paint scheme turned out, I think they look great together. What do think of my gang? Tell me in the comments!